March 18th Schul Shabbat

Due to a shortage of a hosts, and a willingness to experiment, we’re trying something new this Shabbat. We’ll meet in a beautiful little schul — the Conservative Synagogue of 5th Avenue. It’s an experiment, we’ll go back to regular apartment programming soon.

We’ll gather at 7pm like normal. Noah Mamis and Rebecca Milzoff … more

March 4th

Kol haKfar gathers this Friday night at 7pm in Chelsea for spirited Shabbat davening and a community meal. Please email us at info@kolhakfar.org for the address.

February 19th

Kol haKfar, the downtown egalitarian minyan, meets this Friday evening for Shabbat prayers and a potluck dairy/fish dinner at Noah Mamis’ lovely apartment in Murray Hill. Email us at info@kolhakfar.org for the details.

Friday Jan 22 in Chelsea

Kol haKfar / Voice of the Village — the downtown egalitarian minyan — gathers this Friday evening for spirited Shabbat prayers and a potluck dairy/vegetarian dinner at Jean Steiner’s lovely Chelsea apartment.

For the meal, side dishes are welcome; hekshers aren’t required. Please note in the tracker what you’ll bring, it’s a big help … more