Get to know God on Sunday November 1st

God is not the easiest concept to understand. Neither is prayer to God. This Sunday evening, Nov 1, we continue to unlock the mystery of the Shabbat prayers with the eminent (yet very funny) Jewish educator Abby Eisenberg.

Come by Zachary’s home to plumb the depths of the siddur, and enjoy some snacks and leftover … more

Oct 2nd Sukka Extravaganza

Shalom friends,

Kol haKfar, the downtown egal minyan, gathers this Friday in Kips Bay for our 4th annual KhK Sukkah Rooftop Celebration! We are excited this year to be meeting at Noah Mamis’ lovely building, friends and Ushpizin are encouraged to join us.

As usual, please bring a veggie side dish, dessert or wine to … more

Shabbat 9/18 — Siddur class 9/20

Shana tova to Kol haKfar! We wish you a very sweet and successful new year, full of health, happiness and many downtown adventures.

This Friday, 9/18, the athletically gifted and lovely Leora Singer hosts us at her Chelsea apartment. Please join us for Shabbat tefilot, a potluck meal and d’var Torah. Side dishes are particularly … more

We gather August 21st

Kol haKfar, the downtown egal minyan, gathers this Friday evening at Noah Mamis’s beautiful apartment in northern Gramercy. Please come over for Shabbat prayers and a vegetarian/fish potluck meal.

Email us for the address: info@kolhakfar.org